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For the Psycho in GTA San Andreas, see Psycho.

I'll see Love Fist burn! Love Fist ruined my life!

–The Psycho Killer

The Psycho Killer is a man who wanted to kill the whole Love Fist band in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is also an Easter egg dedicated to him in Grand Theft Auto V.


The psychopath's only physical appearance was in the mission Psycho Killer, which is given by Love Fist. He is dressed in women clothes, indicating he either wanted to not attract attention, or is a cross-dresser. He also has a low-pitched voice, contrary to his clothing.

Psycho Killer

Before Tommy confronts the Psycho, he is seen murdering a security guard with his pistol. After doing so, he yells how much he hates Love Fist and drives away with his car. Tommy then gives a chase to him and seemingly kills him.

Publicity Tour

However, the psycho didn't die at all, and in the mission Publicity Tour Love Fist say to Tommy that the guy is still threatening them. The five then go into their limo to get to the venue. There, they find a tape, in which the psychopath comments on how they shouldn't slow down, or either their car will explode, along with their "BIG, HAIRY ARSES!"


The killer first recieved the attention of myth hunters due to his inexplicable survival. Despite being blown up in his vehicle, the killer returns in the next mission seemingly unharmed. It has been theorized that he is either an immortal Demon or Tommy killed his double instead. However, the killer can alternatively get out of his vehicle and attempt to shoot Tommy. This would suggest that him exiting his vehicle and shooting is the canon situation, with surviving a vehicle explosion is certainly not possible to do.

Grand Theft Auto V

In Grand Theft Auto V, there is an Easter egg dedicated to the Psycho. In the mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Willy, only playable as Trevor, the player needs to punch Willy in the face to acquire his golden tooth. The player also has a choice to kill him.

It is easy to notice a connection between Trevor and the Psycho Killer. Both are psychopaths and Trevor can wear female clothes. This and the band member's possible death make a slight reference to how the Vice City Psycho wanted to kill whole band.


  • Since Love Fist's whole mission strand is based off a satire of classic rock, the Psycho Killer's name may be a reference to the Talking Heads' song of the same name.