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Not to be confused with the Reaper, who is also referred to as just "the priest."

The Promiscuous Priest is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The priest is found at Arco del Oeste driving a camper van with a prostitute in the front seat. It is believed that the priest is going to have sexual intercourse with the prostitute. The reason for being way out in the desert is simple. He is trying to hide his actions from the other people. Priests have to take a vow to remain celibate. That may have been too much for this priest, so he had to get a prostitute and break his celibacy in private. He is only seen during the mission Interdiction. This could be a possible mockery made by Rockstar.

On rare occasions when doing pimping missions, around Los Santos, the priest can spawn as a potential customer.