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The Prickle Pine Safehouse is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Prickle Pine Safehouse is located in northeastern Las Venturas. It is one of the houses in the game that can be bought and owned by Carl Johnson. The myth about the safehouse being haunted started when numerous players reported hearing breathing noises in this house. This sparked a wave of investigations[1] about the haunting features of the ghost. During such investigations a weird glitch[2] was discovered that first-floor window of the house is none solid, thus upon running into it, one might fall in the grey unloaded interior of the house, giving the impression of a ghost house. Later on, a famous YouTube myth hunter[3] observed the noticeable purple textures in the house and obscure purple glows in the place, purple is a notable color for priests, magicians, and even occultists as it is believed to attract certain energies. Numerous other investigations took place with minimal breathing sounds.[4] However, no one ever discovered or caught a glimpse of the rumored ghost as the myth remains unlikely despite the unexplained breathing sounds.