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Preachers are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V. Preachers are certain pedestrians that act in a peculiar manner and convey their teachings. These preachers could possibly be linked to the Epsilon Program.

First Preacher

One of the preachers wears spectacles and a coat, along with a baby blue bow tie. This pedestrian tends to convey to others about the plausibility of happiness being evil and merely radical and that it is from Satan, cursed upon the weaklings. He keeps threatening people about being doomed in the afterlife. According to this pedestrian, life on earth is nothing more than hell and his voice speaks in the dark. Some of his other quotes include claims of being ousted by him into a deserted life on earth. He also mentions a certain beast, driving certain doomed people to hell. Keeping in view his thought of being banished to the hell for not following him, it's feasible that he may be a false prophet.

Melvin Harris

It is believed that Melvin Harris is a preacher due to dialogue spoken by him. A complete list of the dialogue can be found here.

Grand Theft Auto V

At the Del Perro Pier, a man can be found named Jesse. He believes that he is the religious phenomenon, named Jesus. He uses dialogue of a preacher and is very loyal to his dad, said to be God or Joseph (all in the bible).

Quote of First Preacher

I am bringing you the truth. I am bringing you a message of truth. And the truth is not good. The truth is that you're living in a world of pain. And it's only get worse. Life is hell and that's a good pity. The bad pity is that you gonna die. When you die, you get exactly what you deserve. Don't pretend it's gonna be a good time.
The beast is the problem. You understand me. The beast is the problem.
You will live for the hell fire. You can live waiting for the hellfire. You're gonna burn in the hellfire. If you've been good on Earth you'll get life. You'll get extinguished and forgotten about.

Second Preacher

The second preacher appearing in the game is more inclined towards conspiracy theories and urban tales. Similar to other theorists, he holds the view that the television is government propaganda and the government dumps corpses into a factory to, most likely, abuse them. Unlike the first preacher, this pedestrian is a drug addict and may blurt out nonsensical talks, for instance sighting levitating elephants or claiming to be a lion.

It's a lie. It's all lies.
There is a voice. I heard this voice. I heard it when I was flying. The voice was like my voice, except it said strange words. And the words beautiful, really beautiful. It's physics that's all. That's physics. Biology doesn't exist, it's a lie. Or a probability wave in space. Ride the wave, you hear me, ride the wave.
You will end up in darkness.

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