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Prawn Island is a significant mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Prawn Island is one of the two islands located in Vice City and is mostly engaged in controversy. The island is considered as one of the earliest locations to hunt myths in the game.


The famed myth location, InterGlobal Studios, is situated in Prawn Island and serves as a paramount site for myths and Easter eggs namely UFOs, Bigfoot, Bridge Abductor, Chainsaw Killer, Michael Jackson, Louise Cassidy's Ghost, Jeff the KillerDoehler Metal Furniture, and the Conspiracy Theory. Mysterious locations that are reported for paranormal activities such as the Abandoned ParkDisappearing Rotunda, Milligan Hotel, Mendez Mansion, Abandoned Private Property, Abandoned Spanish Cafe, Prawn Island Alleyway, Blood House, Elbee ChemistsHouse of Lights, and the Haunted Mansion are located on the island. Several other abandoned or closed business sites are found that have been the subject of minor myths. A large amount of Sea Monster sightings also surfaced in the past, reported under the west bridge.



  • The island's name is a double entendre, referencing the seafood prawn, as well as being phonetically similar to porn, the main industry on the island.