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Ponds are a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Ponds are bodies of water in GTA Vice City, formed by artificial means to give a professional edge to the Leaf Links golf club.

These ponds weren't removed from the game, but were added instead of the Vice City Swamp. Since the Vice City Swamp was rumored to feature Crocodiles, it is speculated that the animals could've moved to the ponds, but this has never been confirmed by official sources. Since alligators can occupy fresh bodies of water, such as ponds, the concept of alligators living in the area still remains a conceivable one. However, since Leaf Links is technically a golf club, club management wouldn't want to risk the threat of having a golf player attacked or even killed by an alligator.

The Will-o'-the-wisp is rumored to appear near the ponds.

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