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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Piggsy (GTA San Andreas).

Piggsy is an obscure myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Years after the uproar about Piggsy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, some bizarre pig grunts were heard in the alleys during an investigation in order to find out the rumored Chainsaw Killer. Although Piggsy and Chainsaw Killer may seem to be equivalent myths, both have different characteristics despite being reported in the same place. Unlike the Chainsaw Killer, Piggsy in GTA Vice City isn't reported to have committed crimes such as the Apartment 3C murder, since the myth is only confined to Ocean Drive. Due to numerous Easter eggs about Manhunt like the Ryton Aide building and the Carcer City Sign, players have theorized that it could be entirely possible for Piggsy to exist in the game and his story might be incorporated in Vice City due to the fact that GTA Vice City and Manhunt exist in the same universe.


The pig grunts heard in the alleys were analyzed multiple times but later on, it was demonstrated that the pig grunt is a construction ambiance sound specific to only in a particular area in the alley. Moreover, another evidence has been put forward, namely the sale of pig skin suits in Little Haiti, costing $6.99 but this doesn't directly hint towards Piggsy either. The third piece of evidence is an artwork in alleys that was later proven to be a low pixel, unknown male artist.[1]

There is a fenced-off area with some bushes, the area is adjacent to the Colon Hotel. If the player tries to enter this area, they will be standing on an invisible platform above the bushes. This is rumored to be Piggsy's hideout but it was intentionally added to prevent the player from being stuck, as it's blocked off on all 4 sides.[2]


Piggsy's death in Manhunt.

The myth is technically debunked by the timelines of both games. Since Manhunt and GTA Vice City take place in the same universe, the only possible way of placing Piggsy in the game would be the version of Piggsy before his casting in Starkweather's movies, prior to his casting Piggsy was a normal guy wanting to act in movies, making it highly unlikely for him to make pig grunts. Furthermore, Piggsy was killed during Manhunt, so his version wouldn't exist in Vice City unless another pedestrian is acting as an impostor. Due to the lack of any data files and gaps in both the game's storylines, this myth is likely to be false.