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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Piggsy (GTA Vice City).

Piggsy is a famous myth featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Piggsy is an antagonist in the 2003 horror game Manhunt, released by Rockstar Games. Piggsy is a deranged mass murderer who uses a severed pig's head as a mask and has lost all connection with reality and is completely inhuman in behavior.


Piggsy's existence in San Andreas was sparked by various online rumors during the release of the game, but it gained popularity when YouTube myth hunter DarthDementous posted a video about the Shady Creeks Creature in 2008. In the video, a short figure resembling Piggsy was seen in a freeze-frame shot near the end of the investigation. This video prompted a large discussion within the GTA community about the existence of a pig-like creature in GTA San Andreas, thus the birth of a new myth called Piggsy. Piggsy has been reportedly sighted in GTA San Andreas around Mount Chiliad and in Shady Creeks. Piggsy is said to carry a chainsaw around, to maim and kill his victims. 

There are various in-game clues that support Piggsy's existence in GTA San Andreas. First of all, both Manhunt and GTA San Andreas were released by Rockstar Games. There is also an action figure of Piggsy sold in San Fierro at Zero's RC Shop. The small three-dimensional action figure has been proven to exist in the game files, so many believe a larger interactive version exists too. Of course, the 3D action figures have bendable and rotatable parts that most toys like action figures and dolls have. The action figure located in Zero's RC shop serves as an Easter egg to reference the Manhunt video game. Unfortunately, most of the online photos or videos that supposedly show Piggsy is the result of mods. A balding redneck pedestrian that is believed to be Leatherface has dialogue in which he says "Watch it, piggy." The pedestrian's connotations to another chainsaw killer and the reference to pigs make it likely that this is evidence of Piggsy's existence within the game. Many early internet rumors have Piggsy and Leatherface feuding.


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