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Pierre La Ponce is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Pierre La Ponce was a former secret French agent working for the GIGN. In 1986, Colonel Cortez orders Tommy to go to a courier who has information and chips on weapons technology. The meeting took place in Washington Beach Mall during the mission, Mall Shootout, where a secret French agent, Pierre, had the guidance chips for the Colonel. Unfortunately, the deal is interrupted by GIGN, making Pierre flee off the scene and ends up getting killed by Tommy Vercetti, who retrieves the chips from Pierre and takes them back to Colonel Cortez.

How Pierre got these chips remains a myth. According to the Vice City Police Department, Pierre is suspected to be involved in stealing secret military hardware. But according to other fan theories, these chips are supplied to Pierre by a secret unit of government in order to track down Colonel Cortez. There is a more rational theory suggesting that Pierre was a money-seeking agent who betrayed the agency just for money.

For the reason that he was a GIGN agent, he is involved in the Enforcement Nexus.