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Pichal Peri is an obscure myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Pichal Peri is a legend originating from the Indian Subcontinent, haunting the locals of the past for years before fading in the dark. Pichal Peri are demonic spirits, impersonating and disguising themselves as brides in order to lure men towards them to assault them, once approached.

Pichal Peri is said to be reverse footed, opposite to that of a human, distinguishing them from the alive, a technique used by many to indicate danger.

This Pichal Peri is said to live under a tree similar to an Eucalyptus tree, in the Vice Point Parks. The region is barely used by public and may seem dark at night due to lack of any street light. This Pichal Peri is said to be dressed as a widow once sighted as a bride and may levitate or simply vanish into the tree. However, this myth isn’t confirmed yet. 


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