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Phil the Witch is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Phil doesn't physically appear in the game but is a subject of pivotal witch myths in the game.


Phil is the leader of the Coven Witches in the game. It is unknown when Phil formed the coven, but it has been theorized that the coven was established during his days in Vice City, possibly between 1984 and 1986, and the coven started operative in 1986. Some players have rumored about his location in the game, classifying Stygian Houses as his abode. Phil is known to be a devout of Medusa, and it is believed to have drawn inspiration from her to start the coven. A lot is known about Phil as his teachings and practices are from the conversation between Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker and K-Chat's host.

Do not disrespect Phil. He teaches us the wheel of the year Amy. it's full of solar holidays and goes round and round and round. You can learn a lot from the sun and the moon. If you look at the sun for too long you can go blind. Meaning it is something to be respected. And the moon has a dark side, just like we do. And some people have craters and only a sixth of gravity. The ancient Britons knew the moon could breathe. We can change the world, rearrange the world. It's dying though Amy! And it needs some Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Like a swan or fish on a hook If you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your organs seriously and explore them some really neat things can happen. Phil taught us that. He's been to Mali to meet with the village elders. That's why there's the ceremony of the knife.

–Gethsamanee telling about Phil and his practices

It is unknown whether Phil resides in Vice City or is still in Mali with his ancestors and village chiefs. It is possible that Phil, along with Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker, sent followers to form a Circle of Death in Viceport Docks.