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Peyote is an Easter egg in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V. When consumed, the protagonist will go through a hallucinatory trance and think he is an animal.


Peyote plants are found all throughout the state of San Andreas usually in desolate areas. When approached, an on-screen prompt will appear telling the player to press a button to consume it. Shortly after eating it, the player will be able to play as an animal ranging from birds, land animals, sea creatures and Bigfoot.

The player cannot choose which type of animal he can take control of, however the peyote will make animal noises when the player is near it, giving them a hint what they will turn into. If the animal somehow dies, the hallucination will end, and the player will find himself back in his own body. Alternatively, the player can pick when to end the hallucination by holding the right D-Pad button. As the drug starts to wear off, the protagonist can be seen back at the original plant location, still mimicking the animal's behavior, such as flapping his arms or crawling around on the ground. After some time, he will regain his senses.

In order to play as Bigfoot, the player must have 100% completion and have completed The Last One, along with finding all the peyote plants. The special peyote plant can only be found at Raton Canyon in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness on Tuesdays, from 5:30 to 8:00 AM with the weather set to Snow (unlocked through a cheat code) or Foggy (PC version) will be unlocked. This mode enables the Sasquatch to drive around and utilise dropped weapons.

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