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Peter Vance, nicknamed Pete, is a prominent mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Strangely, the mentioned character is unseen in both games. However, Pete was first introduced, in the prequel, GTA Vice City Stories, which came 4 years late after the release of GTA Vice City. Despite of the huge gap and contradiction, Pete is still a major subject of myth talks in GTA Vice City.


Peter Vance is the youngest member of the Vance family, being born to a Dominican father and a white mother, Janet Vance, and brother to Lance and Victor. Not much has been included about his history, but Peter suffered from severe asthma, most probably post his father's presumed death that lead his mother into a world of coke and drug addiction, forcing Victor Vance to join the army and raise Peter and finance his health expenses. Some have speculated Peter to be born in the 1960s, making him around 20 during the events of 1984 and 1986. Vic is often seen talking about Peter during the events of GTA Vice City Stories with Lance. Strangely, Peter is the last surviving member of the Vance Family.

Rumors and Myth

Rumors circulated regarding Peter when Vic died during an ambushed assassination in 1986, initially, users didn't believe in Vic's death, primarily due to the fact that Rockstar had altered Victor's voice into a much heavy and grave accent and changed his appearance to an extent that lead players to believe that it was, in fact, Peter that was seen and assassinated in 1986. This particular theory gained colossal reliability until Rockstar themselves confirmed that it was Victor that died in 1986 and assuring that Peter had never been included in the game, dropping a bombshell on the long-held debate between veteran gamers.