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The Penris Building is a high-rise office building in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located just north of the IAA Headquarters on Swiss Street in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos, and is presumably the main office of the Penris company in the state of San Andreas.

It is based on the Wedbush Securities Building, also known as 1000 Wilshire Boulevard, a 21-story, 280 ft. (85 m) office building in Downtown Los Angeles. The Penris Building is not accessible, and doesn't play any role in the storyline.


  • There is a spaceship part on its roof. It can only be accessed from the air, either by landing a helicopter or by parachuting.


  • Its name is probably a play on the word penis, due to spelling similarities and Rockstar's frequent use of crude humor. It could also be a combination of the words penis and iris (the logo is an eye.)
  • If the player pilots a helicopter in front of the top of the nearby Los Santos City Hall, while looking south, the eye of the Penris' logo will be just above the top of the pyramid, resembling the All Seeing Eye, more commonly known as the Illuminati symbol.
  • The building could also mean Sniper, as Penris is an anagram of Sniper.
  • Around the front of the building, the player can find bits and pieces of the blue logo and letters scattered and buried in the cement, as if they fell off.
  • The eye looks like an anus, which is possible to not be a coincidence, due to the Rockstar's usage of Adult Humor.
  • A map in Lester's house has a post it note stating "watch these banks" and list "Penris."
  • The Penris logo looks similar the Pinkerton logo, a government contracted security company. They advertise "5 star officers" possibly referencing the stars of the penris logo. Their logo is also an eye that looks strikingly similiar to the Penris logo.

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