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For the myth in GTA SA, see Secret Island.

Peach Island is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV, that is residence to multiple myths. It is a reference to the real life location Plum Island.


Peach Island is said to be found far off of the coast of Liberty City. There are two potential locations that make up the bulk of the belief in this myth. The most common theory is northwest of the island of Bohan, but some myth hunters have said that it could be found southeast of Happiness Island.

Like Plum Island in real life, Peach Island is believed to house animals and the staff there will occasionally perform experiments related to disease on the animals. This has caused a surge of myth sightings, as many myths of GTA IV are said to be experiments gone wrong, and many myths are related to Peach Island itself. Most famous of these escaped experiments is the Ratman but the mysterious growling noises are also assumed to be a creature from the island.

The name Peach Island was given by fans, and with a long search into the game's files, nothing conclusive has ever appeared. Due to lack of evidence, this would make the existence of the myth false.

Relation to GTA V

The Humane Labs and Research in GTA V could be related to this myth as both locations are known for animal experiments and mythical residence.