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Patrol Invest Group is an organization subject to myths and rumors in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The very first mythical connection made about the organization was its relations with the Vice City Triads. During the mission Spilling The Beans, the triads employed the group to protect their boss.[1] Hence, the mission proves that the group is involved in mysterious illegal activities unknown to the public.

One of the other activities that were revealed in the game was the discovery of Tanner, an undercover member of the group that was murdered by Tommy Vercetti. The murder of Tanner is considered to be the basis of the on-going rivalry between the group and the Vercetti Gang in Starfish Island. In one of the groups quotes, a member speaks about Tommy being summoned by Diaz, the reason behind the quote is never found out but it is considered to be related to the rivalry of the gang and one of the few more secrets about the group.

Later on, myth hunters unearthed weird revelations with respect to the group. During an investigation, it was found out that the group refers to UFO believers at a point,[2] the purpose of this quote remains unknown. Other such quotes include a very pessimistic viewpoint of communists, referred to as "commies" in the quotes,[3] which are rumored to exist in the game.