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Palomino Creek is a town and a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The town has a population of 6,836 and is located in northeastern Red County. It is named after a creek that runs past the town. The area is based on Bakersfield, California.


Grave Robber

In Palomino Creek, there is a small graveyard consisting of a few tombstones and a large coffin in the center. While seemingly innocent, observant players eventually found out that the coffin has been cracked open, and at night, an ominous green light will shine through. It is not uncommon for NPC pedestrians to walk in and out of the graveyard, but it is unlikely that these pedestrians have any ulterior motives. A shovel spawns in this area, which leads lots of credibility to the existence of a grave robber.

Rusty Wheelchair

An abandoned rusty wheelchair is located in Fisher's Lagoon, near the village.

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