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The Outlook Pay 'n' Spray Screams are a strange phenomenon that reportedly occurs in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The myth has to do with the Pay 'n' Spray garage located in Outlook in the Broker borough of Liberty City. Players have claimed that upon exiting the Pay 'n' Spray, screams can be heard. These bloodcurdling noises can also be heard around the location of the Pay 'n' Spray in Outlook Park.


Players have theorized that the screams have to do with the ghosts of the deceased female workers who all worked at the Pay 'n' Spray to spray vehicles between the years 1986 and 2008. It was presumed that the screams were result of toxic fumes dispersed from the paint that burned the skins of the workers, later killing them. The screams are said to stop when the sound of mush falls on the ground. Until this very day, the spirits of the former female Pay 'n' Spray workers continue to scream from the toxic paint and its choking fumes that used to ravage their former vessels.


The sudden female screams are actually caused by a glitch in the pedestrian spawn algorithm. When the players exit the Pay 'n' Spray after their vehicle has been resprayed, the game spawns a pedestrian in front of the Perestroika Cabaret Club. Naturally, the female pedestrians will scream if a car spawns in front of them and heads in their direction. To prove this even further, if the player immediately heads to the Perestroika club after respraying their car, a dead pedestrian may occasionally be found lying on the road. This glitch ceases when the player leaves the Outlook neighborhood.

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