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Old Reece is a mythical character and a barber in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Old Reece is the owner of the barbershop, known as Reece's Hair & Facial Studio, in Idlewood, Los Santos. Old Reece is believed to bear some resemblance to an American actor, Morgan Freeman. The attire of Old Reece includes a baby blue button-up shirt, with a white sweater under it, and black pants.

Ironically, he is the only barber to not mention the Epsilon Program, despite his clothing.

CJ's Father Theory

Some of Reece's dialogue shows that he has a friendship with CJ's father. Players were quick to connect that fact with Carl feeling comfortable and relaxed around him, thus speculating that in fact Reece is CJ's father.[1] Moreover, his quotes imply that he knows the Johnson family very well, most likely because he is a relative.



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