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The Ocean View Medical Foundation is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Ocean View Medical Foundation is the research and development wing of the Ocean View hospital, located a few minutes drive away. While not outwardly showing any signs of paranormal activity, the building is still occasionally investigated by myth hunters.

From the Zaibatsu Corporation of GTA III to the Humane Labs and Research in GTA V, research organizations are known to myth hunters as hubs of shady activity and even experiments on monsters and cryptids. It is assumed that the Foundation plays this role within the game.

However, there is more evidence pointing to something darker. The logo for the R&D team showcases an open eye. This has caused the building to be interlinked with the New World Order and the Epsilon Program. While many doubt that nefarious deeds occur in the building, it is not uncommon for players to assume that the research might be funded by one of these conspiratorial groups.