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Ocean View Apartment is a mythical location and an accessible safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's also the first safehouse appearing in the game. Ocean View Apartment is known for featuring various Easter eggs, myths, and portals.


The Ocean View Apartment is located in the Ocean View Hotel, in Ocean Beach. It also serves as a reward room for the protagonist, upon the completion of certain specific missions, the player will receive an award related to the mission itself, eventually, these rewards turned out to be Easter eggs.

The Hidden Treasure Theory also originated from the same apartment. Jason's hockey mask is rewarded upon the completion of the game's heist mission, The Job. Posters of Claude, from GTA III, can also be seen in the room. Lance Vance and Ricardo Diaz are featured on the cover of different magazines. Early 2-D games from the 1980s are also referenced in the ERSE magazine. ERSE is a parody of the real-life video game magazine, EDGE. Its name, being similar to the English spelling 'arse,' possibly Adult Humor.

The TransAtlantique poster is based on the poster used for the intercontinental lines of the past. A tiger skin rug is also kept on a couch. The apartment has an obscure entrance to the Marco's Bistro interior, the player can access it by climbing on the wardrobe, and then accessing the Ghost World and walking to the café on the other side of the hotel. In the game's mobile port, Secret Room can be supposedly be found near the fish tank.