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Ocean Beach is a prominent mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ocean Beach occupies most of the eastern sea strip of Vice City Beach and is mainly based on the Miami Beach Architectural District.


Ocean Beach is considered as a popular myth location in the game, despite the fact that the district is quite occupied by pedestrians, however, there are still a handful of myths and Easter eggs located in the district. The district is mostly known for its part in aquatic myths, such as the Megalodon Shark and the Sea Monster. Retro myth locations such as the Haunted Lighthouse and Apartment 3C are also situated in the region.

A shop named Rockster Video Games can be found in Ocean Beach, featuring pictures of 8-Ball, Kenji Kasen, Maria Latore and El Burro, who were characters from Grand Theft Auto III.



Apartment 3C, the oldest myth location in the game.

Easter Eggs


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