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Northwood Intersection is a mythical location in the subways of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Northwood Intersection is a subway intersection under the area of Northwood. The intersection has a red light used to light up the area.

Myth hunters claim to see the shadow of Ratman in this area and that the player may get a glimpse of the Ratman when the red light fluctuates. Upon approaching, the Ratman tends to run away. Some players also believe that at times, the Ratman may hide near the electric generator as it is covered by fences and can be used for hiding.

Notable Sightings

Karte13 on GTA Forums - 2018

The generator close-up.

i was just running down the northwood intersction where i saw a figure lurking around the red light of the intersetion. when i near it, it furiously ran away into the dark tunnels. do you think that the northwood intersction is somehow related to the origin of the ratman? i think that the electric generator or whatever it is may have mutated a rat into this.