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The North Yankton Ghost Truck is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


In 2015, a now deleted video was uploaded to DailyMotion, called The North Yankton Truck.[link needed] The video showed the player in Story Mode going to North Yankton and starting to explore the area until a snowy Stockade without a driver came out of nowhere and killed the player. When they respawned, the Stockade was nowhere to be seen, however, when the player went to the bank in North Yankton, two Stockades appear like they do in the Prologue. A few seconds later, the Stockades disappeared and the game crashed.

Possible Explanation

It can be assumed that this Stockade spawned due to a spawning glitch that happened when the player arrived in North Yankton, however, there is no explanation about the truck's aggressive behaviour towards the player.


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