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The North Yanton Creature is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


Due to the fact that North Yankton is meant to be inaccessible in single-player, but can be accessed through a very difficult glitch, many myth hunters are limited to search in that area. But because of its spooky atmosphere (especially in Bury the Hatchet), there could very possibly be a creature located there. Also, there is already a proven Easter egg in the area, the alien trapped in ice, so another myth wouldn't be a far stretch.

This creature could be located in one of the two areas in North Yankton: Along the highway, under the bridge, or other accessible areas, or inaccessible areas that require a glitch to see.

This myth is highly unlikely, as there are almost no credible sources about the creature, no consistent depictions, and with the area being mostly non-solid and unfinished, along with being extremely hard to get to, this myth will most likely never be proven.


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