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The North Rock Cabin is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The North Rock Cabin is located on the far western side of the district, connected to the trail near the railway line. The cabin is a two-room small logging shack, sharing its model with similar ones found at The Panopticon. The area around the cabin is dense with redwood trees. The building appears to have been abandoned for quite a long time, as the doors have fallen off their hinges and various parts of the house are drooping or already collapsed. Only on the game's PlayStation 2 port does a vehicle spawn in front of the cabin. No in-game activities take place near the area. Bloodstains on the floor suggest that safety regulations in the area were weak.


The cabin's primary myth is that of Leatherface. Since the area shares textures and models with The Panopticon, fans were quick to place a connection between the two locations. The bloodstains on the floor may have been caused by the killer in the area. In addition, the patrolling police phenomena may be a reference to criminal acts happening at the cabin.

Bigfoot was heavily theorized to be found in the region, especially among new players who had yet to unlock Flint County. A large amount of forestation and lack of human activity may contribute heavily to this theory.

On the internet, some myth hunters, including DarkMythHunter, have proposed that the area has its own unique creature, similar to the Woods Creature.[1]