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North Point Mall, also known as the Vice Point Mall, located in the district of Vice Point, is a center of attraction for the locals, and being the biggest mall in the game. Moreover, it's a pivotal location for in-game myths, glitches, and Easter eggs, in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Along with its local importance, North Point Mall has a considerable amount of myths in stores. This mall has taken inspiration from the movie Dawn of the Dead, which was based on a zombie invasion in a mall. Surprisingly, Spitz decides to shoot one of the scenes of his zombie flick in the mall, during the mission Brawn of the Dead in GTA Vice City Stories.

Moreover, the background music played in the mall, adds a peculiar feel to local myth hunters, urging them to hunt the mall. Vinyl Countdown features a couple of interesting facts, including a play, Making A Killing, and Love Fist's obscene humor.

There also are very few reports of corrupted or reversed music playing in the mall, but these are probably corrupted game files or the result of an incompatible mod.

Along with being colossal, the mall is subject to obscure glitches, including people being trapped in the Ghost World underneath the entrance, as a result of a non-solid ground for pedestrians. The Tarbrush Café malfunctions after its' destruction, being restored to its' original, giving an impression of a paranormal haunting. However, these incidents are mere glitches and may seem ghostly. The famed GASH, a parody of the real-life GAP, occupies a two-story store in the mall, featuring t-shirts with crude taglines. Mall Ghosts are also a phenomenon related to the mall.

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In GTA Vice City Stories, causing havoc in the mall may cause pedestrians to jump off the roof of the mall in panic. Surprisingly, this doesn't kill off the pedestrians. This has mainly to do with a spawn glitch for pedestrians appearing on the rooftop. Another bizarre phenomenon exclusive to GTA Vice City Stories is the Trapped Pedestrians, where various random pedestrians can be spotted lodged in pieces of game geometry or in otherwise inaccessible areas.