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North Bridge Stack is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


North Bridge Stack is a rock formation found east to the North Bridge. According to players, they became interested in the stack while hunting for the Sea Monster in the abode under the North Bridge.

Players also came to know about the Albino Creature phenomenon, which is mostly reported in the North Bridge Stack. Several players state that while coasting around the North Bridge and Submarine in foggy weather, they sighted a strange white creature hiding under the stack. Over the time, they came to know about the Albino Creature's technicality and the root glitches that cause the myth.

North Bridge is still visited by many myth hunters, coasting around the region, hunting for the Albino Creature, Sea Monster and the Submarine. A vague rumor suggests that the shipwrecks that are found north to the North Point Mall became victim to the fierce rock formation of the stack, but this still remains a rumor.