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North Bridge is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is a four-lane beam bridge and is technically similar to the Island Bridge on Starfish Island. The North Bridge is split into two sections, connecting two districts namely from both the eastern and western regions. The western region connects Prawn Island and Downtown Vice City, and the eastern region connects Vice Point and Prawn Island.


Similar to other bridges in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, The North Bridge was closed due to a hurricane warning, but soon got opened after the completion of mission Phnom Penh '86 in GTA Vice City, and From Zero to Hero in GTA Vice City Stories. The western bridge is known for its obscure myths. The first being The Sunken Reefer that incorporates several myths as well, and boosts the mythical characteristics of the bridge.

Due to the dark textures sighted underneath the bridge, players have formed a theory that these dark textures possess the characteristics of the Sea Monster’s abode, and these dark textures may sometimes be mistaken for the Sea Monster as well, making it a pivotal location for Sea Monster sightings. The area also contains a few Megalodon Shark sightings as well. Whereas the eastern part of the bridge doesn’t possess any myths or paranormal facts, and simply serves as the sea path to the oceans.