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Niko Bellic is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. Rockstar has put multiple references and Easter eggs relating to him in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Port[]

At the ports in the south of Los Santos, various ships can be found. Players have been pointing out the similarities between some of the boats in the harbor and the boat used by Niko to go to Liberty City in GTA IV. One of the ships is named the Octopus, which some fans have theorized is related to the boat from the introduction of GTA IV, the Platypus, as they are both aquatic animals.

The Grand Senora Desert[]

There is a home on the western outskirts of Harmony that contains a reference to Niko. By the porch, there is a small coffee table featuring a wanted poster for Niko, the same design used for advertising GTA IV before it was released. Some fans have put forth a theory that the house is actually the location of Niko, but the home has many American flags and patriotic decorations; which seemingly contradicts Niko's antagonistic view towards the American Dream.

Inside the Yellow Jack Inn, there is a minor reference to Niko. A photograph of him driving a tow truck, a vehicle is only present in The Lost and Damned can be found in the wall by the bar itself, next to a cigarette machine.



Niko's LifeInvader profile in GTA V.

  • In the mission, Casing the Jewel Store, Lester mentions an "eastern European kind of guy making moves in Liberty City." Niko and Roman are of Serbian descent, so many fans put Liberty City and eastern Europeans together to form a claim that Lester is referring to the Bellic cousins.
  • Niko Bellic has a LifeInvader profile that the player can interact with to an extent assuming they have a next-gen version of GTA V.
  • Niko Bellic is an eligible father in GTA Online, however, this is non-canon.
  • Packie McReary can be used as a heist member in GTA V. When the player picks him up he will reference to Niko. He also references to Niko when recurring the events of Three Leaf Clover, while on the drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank for the mission The Paleto Score.
  • There is a prop in the game that consists of a coat rack holding up a brown leather jacket and track jackets, which may be a reference to Niko's choice in clothes.
  • During a taxi event, the Lost MC are confronted by a man given a taxi ride by Franklin if the Downtown Cab Co. is purchased.They’re around the docks with two cars and some motorcycles. Two cars have a license plate relating to the Bellic cousins and Luis Lopez, one reads NIKOB and the others read LUISLOPEZ and ROMANB. The player is able to treat these cars as their own, and keeping the vehicle maintains the custom license plate.