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The Night Stalker is a lightly debated myth in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. It is inspired by the real life urban legend of the same name.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Night Stalker is a maniac who is wandering through Liberty City at night. He is most notably sighted in subways, dark alleyways, and following the player on empty streets. He is believed to murder other pedestrians as well, usually out of sight of the player. The Night Stalker has a damaged eye and wears a hooded jumper. He has a slumped walking animation and does not stand up straight. He moves quickly and tries to avoid the player's line of sight at all costs. Players have speculated that he inhabits darker zones of the subway and alleys. However, the myth is considered as a known modification to the game and lacks any sort of credible evidence.

Grand Theft Auto V

In Grand Theft Auto V, the Night Stalker appears through the serial killer, Richard Ramirez who was known by the nickname Night Stalker, he reportedly appears near the southern Templar Hotel which itself is a reference to the Cecil Hotel, where Ramirez resided. However, the myth was debunked, due to programmed violent pedestrians appearing there, with people confusing them with Ramirez.


  • There is also a film named The Night Stalker portraying similar things towards the urban myth itself, marking it most possibly as a reference if found in the game.

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