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Mysterious Phone Calls are a reported occurrence in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where an unknown person will call CJ on his cellphone, but nothing will be heard on the line other than static and buzzing. 


This myth originated in 2007, when rumors began to spread online about players receiving strange phone calls in the game, only to answer the cellphone and find out that there was nobody on the other line. Many players have tried to debunk this myth by saying that it is a glitch or a script error.

There are various online videos that show this strange phenomenon occurring. Most players claim that, when they answer the mysterious call, there will be static on the other line. Players have also connected this myth with the Unknown Radio Station myth, and have even theorized that the player is picking up unidentified signals from the Big Ear. This information leads players to speculate that the weird static sounds are in fact extraterrestrial transmissions.

Players have said that the most common place for receiving the strange phone calls are in Bone County or Tierra Robada, and usually around Area 69 and The Big Ear. El Castillo del Diablo, Arco del Oeste, and the Abandoned Dock are also hotspots, due to the presence of speakers in the area.

In the book The Mothman Diaries, it was reported that people in the town of Point Pleasant, Virginia were seeing a strange cryptid known as the Mothman. In the book, many eyewitnesses claim that they received unknown phone calls that were later blamed on the Mothman. GTA San Andreas has a very strong Mothman myth, and it may be more than coincidence that the mysterious phone calls are claimed to have happened in Mothman hotspots.

There are also reports of these mysterious phone calls in Back O' Beyond related to The Spy.

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