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Mutants are aggressive mutated beasts that are presumed to have escaped from Area 69 and inhabit the dry deserts of Bone County in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Not to be confused with aliens, mutants are said to be dangerous, vicious beasts that will attack unprovoked. Although they appear to be a similar creature as the Fort Carson Cave Monster, they are much harder to kill with an average weapon and are usually found at the Verdant Meadows Airport, or around Area 69.

There does not seem to be much proof pointing towards the existence of mutants. Other than various videos or pictures on the internet. Most of the sightings of mutants in GTA San Andreas are the result of mods.

There is also a mutant mod, that spawns different types of mutants in the countryside of San Andreas, commonly referred to as the Fisher's Lagoon Creatures.


  • Since because the mutants are found in the desert part of the map, it's possible it can be a reference to the 1977 movie The Hills Have Eyes.