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Mr. Moffat is a mythical and a beta character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Apparently, Mr. Moffat was a businessman and had ties with Tommy Vercetti prior to his run in 1986, so it's assumed that Mr. Moffat hailed from Liberty City and may be related to the Vice City Mafia as well.

Mr. Moffat was scheduled to be featured in the mission, Hello Moffat, when he calls Tommy Vercetti to help him escape from the local police. In light of terror struck statements and the call for help, players have analyzed that the police would've apprehended him in the Torture Cells. Fortunately, before any of this could take place, Tommy Vercetti assisted Moffat in fleeing from the city.

A certain theory has also emerged, stating that Tommy first fled to Vice Point or Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray to lose the cops and then drift towards Escobar International. However, this is yet to be confirmed by official sources.


  • Moffat: Vercetti? VERCETTI! Damn you man you've got to help me!
  • Tommy: Mr. Moffat? How's family life?
  • Moffat: Damn you to hell, HELL, do you hear me?!
  • Tommy: Well it was nice chatting...
  • Moffat: WAIT! Wait, Vercetti -Tommy, can I call you Tommy? We're both businessmen, yeah? You know a good deal when you hear one, OK?
  • Tommy: I don't have the time to chat, get to the point.
  • Moffat: MONEY. Money is the goddamn point, I've escaped the cop again, but its never long before they track me down - they think it's a damned game! I'm at a pay phone somewhere in this god forsaken shit hole. Get me out of here before they take me back and..and..oh go-o-od...
  • Tommy: Well, I'm busy for the next-
  • Moffat: No! Don't shit with me here, have a heart! No man should have to do such, such things. I'm on my knees here Tommy, in the dirt begging for you please...
  • Tommy: I guess I could swing by that way see if I can spot you...
  • Moffat: Oh god, they're coming. For the love of Christ hurry, hurry!


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