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Your next job is taped under the phone.

–Mr. Black

Mr. Black's Call is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Excluding Mr. Black's calls during the missions that were given to Tommy Vercetti, the myth deals with the calls that were rumored to be ringed on Tommy's phone after the final task that was given to Tommy Vercetti by Mr. Black. According to players, Mr. Black calls Tommy Vercetti even after his mission, though, technically, the myth is deprived of any evidence, but fan rumors suggest that Mr. Black often rings Tommy Vercetti and doesn't answer him any further after introducing him. This largely leads players to believe that Mr. Black is scaring off the player or is involved in some mischief, but besides these fan rumors, these sort of calls don't exist in the game. There are other rumors that speak of the payphone ringing whenever the player walks past it.


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