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Mr. Black is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Mr. Black's origin in Vice City is unknown to date, despite numerous efforts by the Vice City Crime Department. Prior to 1986, Mr. Black started a hitmen business in Vice City, employing top secret hitmen such as the likes of Leo Teal. Theories suggest that Moweesha and Eugene also at a point served under Mr. Black, possibly through Leo Teal's contact, this remains unknown. Despite, Tommy murdering Leo Teal as part of his revenge, Mr. Black is only benefited as Tommy is then employeed by Black, Black then reaches the penacle of his crime success in 1986. However, post-1986 his status remains in limbo as some believe he might've died or disappeared, it can also be assumed that he was secretly taken into custody by Vice City Crime Department. It has also been rumored that after the completion of the game, Mr. Black calls Tommy but this is either false or a very unnatural glitch.


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