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Mount Josiah is one of the three mountains located in the game, the others being Mount Chiliad and Mount Gordo. It is also a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


There are very few reports of paranormal encounters, sans for the occasional Bigfoot sighting on the mountain's peak. However, Mount Josiah serves as a marking point for the Tongva Triangle region, a large patch of wilderness that is home to the most of the game's cryptids. Fans theorize that, if the mountain is located in this area, there may be a yet undiscovered creature roaming around. Because of this, the area is one of the two hotspots for Hellhound encounters. Mount Josiah is also known for the military complex Fort Zancudo, which is built at the base of the mountain. There are minor reports of players seeing UFOs and other strange activities, while stalking the base from the mountain.