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The Mount Gordo Campsite is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The campsite is found south of Mount Gordo, off the easternmost side of the mountain, on a small peninsula jutting into the ocean. It's found north of the nearby El Gordo Lighthouse and Ursula's house, visible from across an unnamed cove. The campsite consists of a few tents and picnic tables, with campers usually seen in small groups standing around.


Only a handful of myths have ever been reported at the campsite. Being a rural area, there are inevitable reports of creatures such as Bigfoot, The Jackal, and others. Being located on Mount Gordo has made the area prevalent with sightings of Hellhounds. The proximity of the area to Cape Catfish has started a debate as to whether Goatman can also be spotted, but this is unlikely to be true.

The most famous myth at the campsite is Jolene Cranley-Evans' Ghost. Between 23:00 and midnight, the ghost will spawn on a rock formation about halfway up the mountain. The ghost can also be spotted from the campsite. Upon closer inspection, it's shown that two images of the ghost appear. One is the normal visage of the ghost, while the other is a mirror image that's slightly larger, used to be seen from the west. This was likely added to assist the player in spotting the ghost from the campsite, as well as eliminating the need for a back view of the ghost. At the same time the ghost appears, the player can also hear a screaming sound from the distance, although it's a rare occurrence. More commonly, the player can also hear whispering when in the area during the late night.