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The Mount Chiliad Angel is a rare occurrence in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Mount Chiliad Angel is usually described to be a small glowing cloud, or a cluster of strange mists, that come together to form the shape of an angel. Players say that this strange phenomenon can occur at the summit of Mount Chiliad

Most players believe that it is just a cloud, or perhaps a misspawned airplane, but other than these two theories, nobody has ever explained what the Angel could be. Most of the online photos or videos of the Mount Chiliad Angel are the result of mods, and there is very little credible evidence to support the myth. 

It is unknown whether or not the angel is violent as there have been very few encounters. The screenshot to the right is one of few close-ups with the angel and shows what the creature looks like.

The Mount Chiliad Angel could be tied in with the Angel On Rock, which is a strange rock formation resembling an angel that can be in Back O' Beyond. Also, the name of the nearby town of Angel Pine could be a clue to the myth's existence.

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