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For the mountain in GTA San Andreas, see Mount Chiliad (GTA San Andreas).

Mount Chiliad is the highest point within the entire State of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The mountain contains many steep cliffs and rocky faces. A cable car system can be used by the player to get to the top of the mountain.


At the peak of the mountain, there is a small, civilized region containing signs, paths, observation points, and a working cable lift, which can be used to travel between two points, the base of the mountain, along with the peak. Inside the cable car station at the summit of the mountain, there is a strange map on the wall that depicts the mountain, with various odd symbols on it. The clues surrounding this bizarre map are referred to collectively as the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

There is a carving of what is either the mountain or the whole map. There are five x's on it, which no one knows for sure what they mean. There is a drawing of a UFO, a cracked egg, and a man with a Jetpack. Some people think the egg is for Franklin, the UFO for Michael, and the Jetpack is for Trevor. The x's may represent five places on the mountain, or five places on the map. They could represent five moments in the game, where the characters interact.

Underneath the observation deck at the peak of the mountain, there is a strange red marking on the rock face. The message Come back when your story is complete can be found scrawled on the back of the wooden observation deck. This Easter egg hints at the UFO sighting, which can be seen at this location after the player reaches the game's 100% completion.

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