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Montgomery is a small town, a population of 3,623, located in the northern section of Red County in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The town has many small businesses from the Inside Track horse betting shop, to an old Sprunk factory that looks to be recently closed. Overall the town looks run-down, and many players claim the town is creepy to a degree because of the crumbling buildings and isolation from other cities and towns in the state.

Curiously, it is also the only municipality in San Andreas besides the Ghost Towns to lack any safehouses.


Thanks to Montgomery's multiple closed, desolate, and even destroyed buildings, players get an uncanny feeling while driving throughout the area, leading myth hunters to thoroughly investigate the area and the discovery of many anomalies.

If the player heads near an intersection in the middle of town, they will notice a strange burned down apartment complex, referred to by fans as the Hell House. In many areas of the town, the player can find blue windows, blue lights, and almost every building in the town has something blue on it. Blue objects in San Andreas are typically associated with the Epsilon Program. Another reference to Epsilonism is the beater Sadler, associated with the Red Truck, that spawns in the city; but this only happens on the PS2 port of GTA San Andreas. In the city, buildings are organized into blocks, with buildings on the perimeter, and with an empty space in the middle. One of these blocks has a seemingly normal well, but on closer examination, is actually an area to store trash, along with radioactive materials. Known as the Biowell, this area is home to many myths, including its inhabitant Samara, and possibly Piggsy: who has been linked to the well.

Akin to Grand Theft Auto IV, the Sprunk Factory located in Montgomery is abandoned and presumed to be haunted. While the building itself is not enterable, fans have still claimed to hear strange sounds from outside the factory. The Crippen Memorial Hospital, another desolate location, has the same status and theories as the Sprunk factory. Pedestrians can often have spawn errors in the city, and because of this, pedestrians that would normally spawn in Desert areas will instead spawn in the countryside. Mr. Trenchcoat and many of the other mythical desert pedestrians are, of course, included in the spawn.

This section will talk about Biowell in more detail. It is called Bio-well. It is believed Bio-well is used for dumping hazardous waste, toxic waste and even radioactive waste. It is believed that it is a direct link to one of the businesses in Montgomery. The most obvious business that is believed to have a connection with Bio-well is the Bio-Engineering business that can be found right across the street from hell house. It is believed to be a direct link to Bio-well mostly due to the presence of Bio in both the Bio-Engineering and the Bio-well fence. There are a few theories on the Bio-well. First theory is that due to the huge amount of toxic waste and other waste dumped into the Bio-well, it has created a large and spider looking creature that can only be found in night at the Bio-well and it's believed that it can instantly kill you if disturbed. The second theory is more believable, it states that the presence of radioactivity in the Bio-well (the unknown green light effect) will take away your health if you stand too close. Many players have reported that but it can be due to the hunger system in the game. The third theory is the Ring Girl. It is believed that if you stand in front of the bio-well for 7 days and on the last day when it strikes midnight, the Ring Girl will climb out of the well and start attacking the player. Bio Well is located in around the middle of the town surrounded by about 4 buildings.



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