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Be warned that using mods may cause unintended side effects and/or hinder game progress and could possibly crash the game.

Use mods at your own risk.


Perfect example of mods. Notice how the game's lighting and graphics have changed, along with the addition of real-life cars.

Modifications, or more commonly known as Mods, are fan-made alterations to a game. Modifications are created by fans after the game's release, and are not supported or endorsed by Rockstar Games. Most mods consist of vehicles, character skins or maps. Many mods add mythical creatures into the game. Modifications can be obtained from many Grand Theft Auto websites and fan sites.

Almost all modifications are entirely free, and may be downloaded and used by anyone. However, there are restrictions on editing and distributing the modification, so always ask permission from the author.

Modifications are mainly only used on PC versions of GTA games. There are methods of modifying console versions, but these are very complex and usually break the license agreement of the game and the game console.

Unfortunately, most myths are indeed results of mods, so it is much harder to determine which ones are genuine, and which are not.