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Mike Foreli is a myth character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Mike Forelli is a lesser known member of the Forelli Family and brother to late mafia don, Sonny Forelli. Though the objective of Mike Forelli in GTA games isn't major but his peculiarity in the game leaves room for myth hunters to ponder over mafia theories that revolve around the Forelli family. He is also known as Lips Forelli. Mike Forelli was assassinated by Claude on the orders of Joey Leone, of the rival Leone Family. However, post his demise in 2001, he was appointed has the leader of the family after the death of his elder brothers. Theories have originated of his influence in Vice City and how Mike could've been operating an underground Mafia nexus in the city, as inspired from his brothers. However, Rockstar have never confirmed these theories regarding Mike Forelli as him and his myths remain under the interest of obscure myth hunters in the game.


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