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The timer must have got screwed. That place was wired to go up like a firework factory. Then somebody tipped off the cops.

– Mike to Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance

Mike is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Mike was the right hand man of Ricardo Diaz until Diaz's untimely demise, Mike then served Tommy Vercetti as a key member of his empire. Mike was based on Ernie from Scarface.


After Diaz's death, Mike is seen in a couple of cutscenes, often tipping off some information to Tommy, other than his information, Mike does chores for Tommy unknown to other members of the gang excluding Lance Vance. This key position among the members, earned Mike a place among the myth hunting community. Players have rumored that Mike knows about the Ricardo Diaz's Grave but this seems largely inaccurate as Mike isn't available post the cutscenes and differs largely from the character of Mario, who is also rumored to contain the information but he is also available in the open world.

Several other strange facts have also been attached to Mike, Mike suddenly disappears during the mission Cop Land, whereas he is to accompany Lance and Tommy. This disappearance had players think that Mike has fled Vice City, abandoning the gang, or possibly being killed by Tommy and Lance off screen as a punishment for his failure. However, the actual cause of the disappearance has never been revealed nor solved in the game.

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