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The Midnight Clown is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Midnight Clown myth originated from a horror tale by reymythunter on YouTube describing an incident with a peculiar kind of clown called the Midnight Clown.[1] The Midnight Clown is distinguished from commonly sighted killer clowns due to a number of peculiar traits the Midnight Clown manifests and the clown, unlike other killer clowns, is a subject to only the City Hall and its surroundings. The Midnight Clown is said to work and sell ice cream from his van in front of the City Hall and eventually, the clown kills pedestrians or even the player with a pickaxe. Later on, the same myth hunter observed strange occurrences around the City Hall. The only evidence regarding claims about murders committed by the clown is a red texture near the stairs of the City Hall, this red texture is said to be a bloodstain, possible of one of the victims that the midnight clown murdered.[2] It is also said that one might hear footsteps, giggles, and the evil laugh of the clown. However, despite strange occurrences in the area, it is never confirmed if it actually involves the Midnight Clown. Overall, the myth is largely considered to be false and a result of bogus reports.