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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Michael Myers (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA IV, see Michael Myers (GTA IV).

Michael Myers is an unlikely myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.



A player's interpretation of what Michael Myers would look like if he was in GTA V. The photo was taken from GTA Online.

Michael Myers is based on the serial killer in the Halloween movie franchise. The mission Dead Man Walking is similar to the ending of Halloween: Resurrection. In Resurrection, Michael Myers' body is taken to the morgue. As the pathologist begins to examine the body, Myers' eyes open and the scene cuts to black. In Dead Man Walking, Michael De Santa is also sent to the morgue. In order to continue the mission, Michael must wake up. This mission is also similar to the opening scene of Rob Zombie's Halloween II, since both Myers and Michael go on a killing spree in a hospital. Also, The Navy Boiler Suit has a striking resemblance to the blue jumpsuit that Michael wears in the original series.

Michael may have a connection with the Mount Chiliad Mystery. In the Altruist Cult's camp, there is a face on a rock that looks exactly like Michael's mask. There are also various modifications about the myth[1].

Interestingly, in GTA V Online, players can recreate Michael Myers' outfit by wearing the blue jumpsuit, the Mime Plastic Face mask and having sleek brown hair.

Nevertheless, The myth in physical form is very unlikely to exist because there are not enough reports and evidence supporting this myth.

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