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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Michael Myers (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA V, see Michael Myers (GTA V).

Michael Myers is a false myth and a possible Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Michael Myers is based on the serial killer in the Halloween movie franchise. After numerous players modded Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and created rumors about the existence of Michael Myers, the myth landed years later in Grand Theft Auto IV. Sometimes, when listening to the radio, the player can hear a news report that an adolescent killed his entire family. This is a reference to Myers since he did the same thing when he was 6 years old. Six-year-old Michael dressed as a clown for Halloween, took a knife from his kitchen drawer and stabbed his sister Judith to death, after which he was sent to Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium, only to return as a serial killer. There are minor differences between Myer's story in Grand Theft Auto IV and the movie. In the movie, Michael only killed Judith whereas, in the game, it is reported that he killed his entire family. Despite this minor reference, Michael doesn't exist in the game physically.

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