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Michael De Santa's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


Michael De Santa is one of the three protagonists in GTA V. After the mission The Big Score, the player has the choice to kill Michael, and after the player chooses to kill him, it is believed that his story doesn't end after his death. It is believed that if the player chooses to visit Michael's house as Franklin, strange occurrences will begin to take place, and if the player stays in the house for too long, it is rumored that the ghost of Michael will eventually kill the player. Some players even saw how Michael's ghost appeared inside the house, and if the player is playing with Franklin, Michael would set him on fire.

However, it seems very likely that it is a custom mod and one of the things that players report the most is the random opening and closing of the doors, but it is explained that after Michael's family leaves their house, the game's script doesn't change, and therefore everything in the house continues to function the same way as when the whole family was there.

It is very likely this is just a result of a modification, making this myth unlikely.

Palmer-Taylor Power Station

However, in folklore, ghosts are believed to wander around the death scene of a human and not at their home. With this in mind, hunters went to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, which is where Michael was last seen before his untimely fall to his death. Many strange chanting noises were caught, but these, however, could be the machinery located around the station.

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