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  • Me and supermythgangsta have made a wiki called Extreme Pro Wrestling wiki. Would you help with it.

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  • Can you leave your views at this UFO thread. It is a major proof regarding UFO's.

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  • Hey Ghost Leader, I`ve created the 3 strikers system, so tell me what your think....

    If you think anything needs to be changed, tell me...

    Here it is: The 3 strikers Law on GTA-Myth-Wiki


    The world is facing a threat that should not be allowed, it ruins this WIKIA... We`re talking about the Unreal facts and the Fake pictures... I have figured out a system, that may seem unfair, but it has to be done.

    What do new people that has never been on this wikia want? If they want to find out about myths, they want: Reliable Facts! They need to know that this WIKIA takes myth hunting serious, and that we, the community, has real pictures and evidence.

    The Rules:

    1.If a user fakes a picture, or make pages of a unproven things, they will get One Strike!

    2.If the user gets 3 strikes in their time on this WIKIA, they will be banned for a month.

    3.When they come back after a month, they have 3 months to not do it again.

    4.If the players does it one more time within the 3 months they will get banned and reported from this WIKIA.

    5.If the user gets 3 strikes, and gets banned for a month, they also get a prick.

    6.If the user gets 3 pricks what resembles (9) fake pictures or pages, they will also be banned from this WIKIA and reported.

    7.We also have to remove unreal sites, of things that have no evidence, and evidence does not count as a sound or thing an user saw, no, they need more evidence to back it up.

    8.If a user wants to talk about Myths they want to figure out, they can use the Forums!

    This is just a Demo version, so it has to be "renovated"...

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    • Im just going to jump straight into the comments here, ehm, I created this "Three strikers system" to prevent randoms to create false pages, I did not have any expectations of it being accepted, but i expected that some form of a Law would be considered after talking about this topic, Sasquatch may be afraid, but what will this "fact based" wiki end up as if this keeps on going? Its not going to stop, and at the end, this wiki will be shut Down because of just containing unreal, fake sections within both comments and "Proven Myths" as the category is called. I did not expect, that everyone would be against this, i tought some of Your would understand what i was trying to show in a form of a simple rule. Im not looking for Anarchy but im not going to rest before something will happen!

      Im 100 persent on Ghost Leader`s side on this, after all, he was the person that made me re-think what this wiki had become, its still a great wiki, but one day it will be so full of junk that its no longer a Place to learn.

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    • I think we should create some type of ruleto avoid this.

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