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  • I was born on December 17
  • I am Male
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  • You have displayed total disregarded towards the message you received last August when you got a one month ban. You have returned to this wiki only to agitate the community and partake in drama [1]. That being stated, you are permanently banned.

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    Boomer8 closed this thread because:
    Irrelevant debates ensuing.
    22:01, November 25, 2017
  • With all your contributions solely consisting of drama related topics, and not a single edit relating to the subject of this wiki; it is clear that you are a troll, and only came to this website to cause trouble. So with this being stated, I'm issuing you a 1 month ban. If you wish to return to this wiki then do so in Good Faith and Civility. You are not welcomed here if you wish to only agitate the community.

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  • Welcome to

    Wiki-wordmark welcome

    Welcome to the GTA Myths Wiki, the wiki about the beasts, monsters, rumors and bizarre things that are believed to exist in the Grand Theft Auto series. Thank you for your contributions! We hope you will stick around and further improve the wiki!

    Are you new to editing? Please visit Help:Editing to learn on how to edit on this wiki and other wikis you will come across. Please visit our GTA Myths Wiki:Policy to view what policies we enforce on this wiki.

    Participate with the Myth Hunting Community

    Don't forget to check out the Recent Wiki Activity to see the edits that are occurring and to help out on pages that need some editing done.

    Become part of the community and help this Wiki develop! Visit the Wiki's Community Noticeboard to check out new ideas, updates, and expansions that will be applied to this Wiki. Your own ideas are welcome, too!


    If you need help or if you have any problems or questions, you can contact our Staff. The Patrollers are highlighted in bronze, the Administrators are highlighted in silver and the Bureaucrats are highlighted in gold.

    We hope you have a great time editing here and hope we will see you around the wiki!
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey there. I have unblocked you. I think you shouldn't be blocked anymore. However, you have a parole, which prohibits you from using both CNb and RfP for 2 months. Also, your behavior and edits will be strictly looked at. Have fun.

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    • While I admit i'm surprised, I doubt I'd do more here than a rare look around, or just a chat with certain people.

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    • A FANDOM user
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